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Montessori House at Karin Dom Announces Admission for Children Aged 2 to 4

27 September 2023

Dear parents,

Montessori House at Karin Dom announces admission for children aged 2 to 4 years for a full-time form of study. Montessori house is located in the newly built complex for social, health and educational services of Karin Dom in Varna.

An experienced team of teachers who are certified at the International Montessori Association, assistant teachers and a nurse are engaged in the education of the children.

The children’s classes are held in an excellently organized Montessori environment with original teaching materials, and such made by the team. The play and study rooms are fully designed according to the needs of the children and the requirements of Karin Dom. The furniture, the flooring and the overall environment are in sync with children’s perceptions, providing a functional, cozy and ecological environment.

Karin Dom has adopted the Montessori model of work since 2001, trying to ensure the freedom of every child to develop their potential. The work of the Montessori method specialists is supervised by Feodora Stanchov, a long-time expert in Montessori pedagogy in France.

Children learn practical skills necessary for life, enrich their vocabulary, create, actively explore the world with the help of their senses and develop their mathematical ideas. In the Montessori House, children get to know Bulgarian traditions and customs, conduct culinary, musical and art activities with natural and other materials.

Montessori House has a spacious activity hall, outdoor play areas, sleeping quarters.

The group includes up to 20 children aged 2 to 4. The weekly program and activities include:

  • Swimming sessions with a swimming coach;
  • Art activities;
  • Culinary activities;
  • Children participate in holidays and thematic celebrations of Karin Dom;
  • Cultural events and visits to sights are organized;
  • Children are involved in games and general activities together with their peers with special needs from a Montessori group;
  • Catering is provided by “Vip Bebe” children’s kitchen.
  • A mandatory condition for admission is that the child has all required immunizations.

For more information, contact Svetla Todorova, Montessori team manager, phone: 0882 364 337, email:

Karin Dom is located at 86A Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. (behind the Health Insurance Fund).

Photographer: Gergana Encheva

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