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“Step by Step” Workshop

30 August 2021

On August 26, the first practical workshop under the project “Active Youth for a Sustainable Future – NGO Sector as an Opportunity for Development” took place.

After guest speakers from Entrepreneurship and Volunteering showed how our personal motivation and interests can determine our professional path and be realized in a successful business venture or career for the benefit of the community, it was time to get acquainted with the small steps along the way:

* How to develop my idea?

* How do I implement social entrepreneurship in my plan?

* How are products made?

* How do I involve volunteers?

We answered these and other important questions together with Miroslav Todorov in the fresh air of the garden of Karin Dom, as the event was divided into two parts: theoretical and practical

During the lecture we introduced the participants to the seven steps of product development in the context of social entrepreneurship and the cause. We presented products from the family store of Karin Dom, developed with the help of volunteers and like-minded people to demonstrate the models of complementary, replaceable products and product lines, and Miro gave a number of examples of campaigns based on the model and ways to turn the product into expression of communication on important topics between volunteers and the community.

Apart from getting acquainted with the basic things in theory, we also paid attention to the importance of applying what we learned, as during the workshop the participants worked in groups on three topics:

* Volunteer Symbols – How to recognize the volunteer? Creating stickers, badges and other distinctive items

* Product (eco) line – How to develop products over time? Creating plans and strategies for complementary and replaceable products and product lines with a cause

* How to organize my volunteering – Organizer for volunteers – developing a concept for a volunteer kit and the most important things for a volunteer.

We developed concepts and ideas, drew plans and strategies and most of all: we talked about how to keep the focus on meaning and cause, because in every endeavor, they are the driving force.

And finally, Miro prepared for the participants some fun and dynamic games to confirm the positive end of our fruitful meeting.

The project is supported by the Youth Projects 2021 program of the Municipality of Varna and aims to see opportunities for young people in the non-governmental sector for personal and professional growth, for changing attitudes, to improve the environment, to advocate and an active civic role and position.

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