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Magdalena Maleeva – guest at Karin Doms Cafe Societe Club

21 March 2012

On the 20th of March 2012 at the Art salon of Radio Varna was held the sixth meeting from Karin Dom Foundation’s initiative Discussion club Café Societe 

Special guest at the meeting was Maggie Maleeva – she is best known as a tennis player who reached 4th place in the world rankings. She is also the founder of Gorichka – an intitiative for trainings, talks and debates for sustainable development, green and healthy lifestyle.

At the meeting Maggie Maleeva told the story of how the idea about Gorichka was born and how it became reality. She explained how important it is the ideas of healthy lifestyle and concern for nature to reach more people; also that everyone should realize how they affect the world they live in and become more environmentally responsible.She shared with the public that the feeling that makes her do all the things she does is purely selfish – she would like to preserve nature so she, her children and all people can live a better life.

The goal of the Gorichka initiative is to focus the attention of the big companies towards environmental issues and to show them that when a business makes an eco friendly decision – it actually brings financial profits to the business itself. “Business can resolve human problems as well”, she said.

To the question “Which are the most valuable lessons that she had learned so far in her live?” she said “The most valuable lesson that I have learned from playing tennis professionally is that one should not be perfectionist because that is a heavy burden that leads to loss of health. Now I know that everyone do the best they can at a given situation”. She added that she learns the most from her children right now – “I am certain that a 3-year-old child knows exactly when it needs to sleep, when it needs to eat and when it feels cold.”

Maggie Maleeva believes that we should raise our children with respect, to give them the freedom to make choices so they can grow up to be responsible, self-confident adults who can control they own lives.

Karin Dom Foundation’s initiative discussion club Café Societe is funded by the America for Bulgaria Foundation.

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