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The Charity Christmas Campaign of Karin Dom Began

7 November 2018

Dear friends,

for many years Karin Dom has been conducting a charity Christmas campaign selling Christmas cards and calendars. This campaign includes both children from Karin Dom and talented artists. This year our guests were: Miroslava Mileva, Flai Lima and Hristo Borisov, who painted with our little artists at Karin Dom. The outcome are our wonderful new cards: White Magic, Elf, Sunset, and In the Mountain – a special gift for Karin Dom from the 8-year-old Kristiana Elenska.

Our postcards and calendar have text in Bulgarian and English.

This year’s charity Christmas campaign will aim to provide funds for activities of children with special needs in Montessori group. This group assists children with  various conditions – mild and moderate intellectual disabilities, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and children with communication disorders to acquire pre-school, primary school, social and everyday skills through various activities. Children develop love for order, self-efficacy and initiative, spontaneity and freedom of mind, expressed in independent decisions and actions. The Montessori Group aims to improve the communication and social skills of children and the relationship between children and adults. The Montessori group is led by an experienced teacher, and during the half-day activities children work with Montessori materials, create art projects, cook in the kitchen, have sport activities and music therapy, go out for walks, eco-initiatives and celebrations.

Prices of cards and calendar – donation:

Price per card: 1 Euro
Price per card when buying over 500 cards: 0,8 Euro
Price of pyramid calendar – 2,50 Euro

Price of art calendar “Smile” 2019 – 7 Euro

Order your postcards and calendars no later than December 18, 2018 on email Orders can also be made through the newly opened online family shop.

In addition to Christmas cards, children from the Montessori group and Montessori house took part in the Karin Dom calendar for 2019. Especially for this charity initiative participated: Raya Petrova, 8 years old, Boyan Belyashki, 6 years old, Kristiana Elenska,8 years old, Beloslava Valcheva, 10 years old, Malena Markova,12 years old and Salvina Markova, 7 years old.

We thank our guests for the cordial attitude and to all the children who have participated in this charity initiative with lots of desire and smiles! And the result, as you can see, is wonderful!

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