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Karin Dom is Designing an Innovative Center with an Inclusive Environment for Children and Families in Varna

1 October 2019

23 years after its establishment, Karin Dom is associated with innovation, the introduction of international experience and expertise, the working model for providing quality services for children with special needs and their families. Karin Dom supports over 300 children and families annually and trains over 1,200 professionals from the country and the region. The organization shares its experience through training, educates in social engagement and tolerance.

At the moment, the activity of Karin Dom is realized in the family villa (built in 1908) of the Stanchovi family, provided for use for the establishment of the first center of its kind for children with special needs in 1996. Unfortunately, it becomes increasingly difficult for the building to meet the organization’s need to develop learning activities, as well as to introduce new approaches and services for the fuller development of children with special needs and their inclusion.

In this regard, in early 2019 the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Varna approved the provision of land on which a new building can be built for the needs of the organization. The plot has an area of ​​2450 m2, located in the extended central part of Varna near the city center – between the “Doiran” and “Kiril Shivarov” streets. Funding for this new building, which combines a training center and a service center for social inclusion and independent living for children with special needs and their families, is provided to Karin Dom by the Danish VELUX Foundations.

In order to choose the most inspiring and innovative look for the new building, Karin Dom will organize an international architectural design competition, which is expected to start in early November. It will be realized with the support of the Bulgarian Chamber of Architects, and established professionals from the country and abroad have been invited as members of the jury. Bulgarian and foreign individuals or their associations with architectural design qualification in the respective country of registration may participate in the competition. More information about the competition for the design of the new building of Karin Dom can be found on our website.

In order to research public opinion and gather ideas and suggestions in connection with the construction of the new Karin Dom, focus groups were held with parents, representatives of institutions and businesses. The results show that Karin Dom is expected to continue its activities by upgrading them with early diagnosis and assessment of development, organization of sports activities and training of coaches on how to work with children with special needs, to have a therapeutic pool and a study hall for children. Representatives of the various institutions emphasized the importance of training for teachers and parents, as well as expanding existing services. There is also support from the business for enhancing the trainings, as well as for creating a space for games and events for children, parents and volunteers.

About the VELUX Foundations

The VELUX Foundations consist of the two charity foundations VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN. Their grants include scientific, environmental, social and cultural goals in Denmark and internationally. In 2018, the two foundations provided joint grants of approximately €168 million. The two foundations were established by the engineer Villum Kann Rasmussen, founder of VELUX and other VKR Group companies, whose mission is to bring daylight, fresh air and a better environment to people’s daily lives.

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