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Karin Dom celebrates 24th anniversary. Thank you!

17 June 2020

Dear parents,

For the first time this year we will miss the traditional celebration on the occasion of Karin Dom’s birthday, which we have always celebrated with an exciting program and fun in the garden. But this time only the format will be different; our emotion, feelings and love remain the same as they are for 24 years of tireless work and learning. You learned, we learned in the name of a better future for children in Bulgaria.

We were with you from the very beginning. We walked a long and difficult path, holding hands, supporting each other. We learned from each other patience, perseverance, faith and hope that the miracle will happen… and the children will go their own way! And we cried and rejoiced together – at every little victory, at the first word and at the first step!

And so day after day, year after year, for you – parents and children, we have learned new methods of working to become better at what we do: to help, to succeed in life’s difficult challenges and daily obstacles. Together with you we realized the dreams of the children and your dreams: “To become a student”, “To play on the playground”, “To participate in a competition”, “To say the first words”, “To take the first steps”, “To join in life with other children ”…. All dreams, which for most children and families are something easily achievable and accessible, but for our children, sometimes require many years of therapy, will, hard work, trained professionals and devoted parents.

With your children we went through their early years, childhood, adolescence, and the children also became parents and teachers of their own children! Together with you, parents, we celebrated the completion of the school year. Together we were proud of our first graduates and students. We are already rejoicing in the success of the grown-up children – some won medals for sports achievements, others graduated from universities and found their vocation, some recognized theatrical art, but they were all raised by you with love, understanding and patience, and in Karin Dom they found cozy place without prejudices and the professional support they needed for their growth.

Thank you, dear parents, for letting us into your world, for growing up together through the Karin Dom cause, and for continuing to multiply the good deeds and make dreams come true!

We thank all our friends, donors, volunteers and partners for the joint work and support during the 24 fruitful years of Karin Dom!

With best wishes and much love,

Karin Dom’s team

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