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The New Executive Director of Karin Dom Borislava Cherkezova – about the Motivation and Personal Need to Work with a Cause

16 August 2021

Dear friends,

after a competition held at several stages, a very motivated, inspiring and ambitious lady will stand at the head of our organization. Borislava Cherkezova takes over the position of Executive Director after the current Director Maya Doneva takes over as Secretary General of EASPD – the European Association of Social Service Providers for People with Disabilities in Brussels.

Who is the new executive director and how did he win the votes of the Board of Directors of Karin Dom?

Borislava Cherkezova is an entrepreneurship and marketing trainer, university lecturer and marketing expert with experience in the field of branding, partner relationship management, introduction and management of innovations in the banking and social sectors. She has a master’s degree in International Marketing at Varna University. She is currently a doctoral student at the Department of Marketing at the University of Varna. Since 2019, Borislava holds the position of Director of International Partnerships, Training and Advocacy at Karin Dom. For 2 years, he developed the relations with the partner organizations of Karin Dom in line with the specialized trainings that the organization provides.

“If each of us looks through the eyes of the child and the family, then together we will be able to create the important changes for Bulgaria.

Two years ago, I made a purposeful transition to the civil sector, starting work at Karin Dom as the Director of International Partnerships, Training and Advocacy. I chose this direction with the clear thought that for me this is a “big change” as a professional, but not as a mother and someone who believes in the family and the importance of early childhood development. I am sure that the symbiosis between business and the civil sector and the shared creation makes it possible to take the best for the sake of the children and the family.

On a personal level, the most important things for me are my family and my two children. We like to escape from the dynamics of the big city together, to spend time in nature or in the countryside. At home, baked goods are revered. We love both making them and eating them together.

I am taking over the organization in an extremely important period of growth and construction of a new modern center, which we are to open next year. We will continue to work in this direction with the team. It is extremely important, in parallel with the construction of the new building and the provision of modern equipment, to develop the new complex model for the provision of health, social and educational services for the child, the family and all the specialists who support them.

For me, the role of the leader is the ability to see and develop the potential of the organization, the team and each member in it. For me, this is the most sustainable way for an organization to grow, following its mission together with a motivated and qualified team.

In one year, we aim to offer comprehensive support to more families. The new center will have an Early Childhood Development space to build confident and engaged parents, a medical and diagnostic center, state-of-the-art hydrotherapy and physiotherapy.

The last one year and Covid -19 has taught us to be adaptable and not cut off the connection and support for children.

Change is the surest thing in today’s world. The needs and possibilities of families change, therapeutic models and approaches, ways of learning and communication change, so it is important to continue working close to the family and in search of good innovative practices.

The ideas with which I enter the new role are aimed at innovating for the benefit of parents and children and creating an inclusive community of friends, businesses, public institutions, nurseries, kindergartens, schools.

One such idea is the creation of the Karin Dom Digital Library. The library is a virtual place where every parent and specialist will have convenient access at any time to advice, training, etc. resources created by our team. Very soon the library will be announced and available for use by specialists and parents.

It is extremely important for Karin Dom to continue to build an inclusive community, both for children with special needs and for parents. In this direction, we will rely on regular initiatives to engage the business and the local community, so that each family is closer to the child, to follow his natural way of learning through play and through the relationship with mom and dad.

The last one year and Covid -19 has taught us to be adaptable and not cut off the connection and support for children. We will work with the team to develop a hybrid model (online and live) to support the family in the future.

In order to be heard as an organization on policy issues for children, building an inclusive kindergarten and school, we will focus more actively on research on the effects of early child and family support and different models of support. In this direction, the organization has the expertise and partners in the academic circles for the creation of a Research Hub.”

Borislava Cherkezova will assume the position of executive director of Karin Dom from November. Our team wishes her a lot of success in her new role in the organization, a lot of health, strength and energy for the realization of all undertakings! Good luck Bobby, keep working with the same great desire, always so confidently and with a wonderful smile to follow your heart!

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