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Karin Dom’s specialists: Sara McPheeters

14 June 2011

Sara McPheeters is an American Peace Corps youth development volunteer working at Karin Dom. She is here working as part of a long-term program. She is committed to working at the center with staff, children and their families, and also assisting with outreach in order to help other Peace Corps volunteers working in similar settings.

Sara loves children and has devoted many years of her life helping them through volunteer programs in the U.S., China, India, Guatemala, Zimbabwe, Brazil, and Mexico. While volunteering she has gained diverse experience – from assisting medical staff in a maternity ward in India, promoting basic health practices in remote villages in China, facilitating art activities and games at a school for children with special needs in Zimbabwe, to working in group homes for disabled adults with autism spectrum and other physical or mental impairments in the U.S.
In the U.S. she worked for 8 years at a day care center for children. She worked with children of all ages and was the head teacher for several different age groups during her time there including for the youngest group, 0 to 1 year olds. She also worked as a substitute special needs paraprofessional teacher in a preschool program for children at risk and she has experience leading one on one sessions with children.
She works in the group for children with autism spectrum disorders. In her work at Karin Dom, Sara uses PECS a picture exchange communication system, specific structuring of the environment and visual schedules, a rewards system, fun through art, and speaks to the children in Bulgarian.

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