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Guest of Karin Dom’s Cafe Societe Club – Jacek Wojcik

20 January 2012

Special guest of the latest meeting of the initiative Cafe Societe was the parish priest, Jacek Wojcik from  St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church – Varna. The meeting was held on January 19 and the atmosphere was really pleasant thanks to father Jacek’s incredible sense of humor. Even the sad stories he shared were told in a manner that allows a person to draw the lesson without growing sad. 

The topic of the meeting was: “About life, love and the strength within us.” Father Jacek Wojcik pointed out the importance of love in people’s lives. He also explained how important is to love ourselves, because: “If a person does not love himself, how would he be able to pass the love to others? What would he be able to give to the others?” 

Priest Jacek Wojcik belongs to the community of the Priests Resurrectors. Resurrectors society has been in Bulgaria since 1863.  In 2000 priest Jacek Wojcik learned that his community in Bulgaria is looking for young priests. He applied for relocation and since then has lived and worked in Bulgaria.

Since 2003, priest Jacek Wojcik is a priest in the St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church – Varna. He also engages in various social activities, through which he helps everyone who needs spiritual or material support.

With this initiative Karin Dom Foundation is aiming to bring the public’s attention to charity and to engage more people with the cause of the social inclusion of various vulnerable groups in Bulgaria. Karin Dom Foundation’s initiative discussion club Café Societe is funded by the America for Bulgaria Foundation.

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