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Karin Dom’s Team Conducted Training at “Slancho” Kindergarten

17 September 2021

On 09.09.2021 Karin Dom team: Zvezdi Atanasova (methodologist of the Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration “Karin Dom”), Virginia Vasileva (psychologist) and Stefka Tsvetanova (psychologist and coordinator) conducted training at “Slancho” Kindergarten under the “A Place for Every Child” project. The kindergarten team stated the theme: “Guidelines for Effective Assessment and Planning in Inclusive Education”. 29 specialists were involved – pedagogues, a psychologist, a speech therapist, a resource teacher, 4 specialist assistant teachers. The kindergarten has a newly formed team of specialists, and this year they have to make their assessments and support plans, relying on their internal team and with the active participation of the teachers.
The focus of the topic was teamwork, functional assessment, functional training and some specific moments in the process of assessing the child’s needs, as well as effective goal setting in the individual support plan.
After the training, the colleagues shared that the most valuable and useful for them were the practical guidelines and examples during the observation of the initial assessment, assessment of the individual skills and characteristics of the child and methods of familiarization with the child, expansion of assessment knowledge – practical and documentary. The topic turns out to be extremely relevant. For the future, the need for training related to communication and work with parents has been outlined.

Project “A Place for Every Child”, financed by the Kahane Foundation, within the framework of which Karin Dom specialists will provide long-term and in-depth support to the teams of 5 kindergartens for inclusive education in practice. Kindergartens invited to participate are located in different areas so that as many children as possible from different parts of the city are covered.

We thank the directors of “Iglika”, “Slancho”, “Forest Tale”, “Hristo Botev” and “Margaritka” kindergartens for the trust in our team!

Through the project, we will strive to change the negative attitudes of parents in relation to the inclusion of children with special needs in the group, we will share experience and practical guidelines for the active inclusion of children with special educational needs, we will support the adaptation of the environment.

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