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Guest of Karin Dom Foundation’s Cafe Societe Club was Ms. Vanuhi Arakelyan

16 December 2011

“No matter who you are and what roads you chose to walk – always try to be honest and go through life with love.” 
This is the life philosophy of Mrs. Vanuhi Arakelyan – Chairman of the Regional Court of Varna and incredibly charismatic person. She was the special guest of the third Café Societe meeting-discussion in Varna which took place on 15th of December. 

At the meeting Ms. Arakelyan talked about the path she has walked to become the person she is now – a woman with a huge heart, who puts a lot of love in everything she does. She talked about the difficulties and the achievements through which she had to go through – not only in her professional but in her personal life as well. Success, difficulties, challenges – they taught her the importance of accepting everything that faith offers with humility and gratitude because we do not always realize what is best for us in a given moment.

The Inspiring and sincere words of Ms. Arakelyan left a trace in the hearts of all the participants in the meeting: “No matter who you are and what roads you chose to walk – always try to be honest and go through life with love.”

At the end of the meeting Ms. Arakelyan made an appeal to everyone at the meeting – never be arrogant or act as superior to other person and always give a helping hand to those who need it.

With this initiative Karin Dom Foundation is aiming to bring the public’s attention to charity and to engage more people with the cause of the social inclusion of various vulnerable groups in Bulgaria.

The next meeting in Varna will be on the 24th of January 2012 when guest of the Club will be father Yacek Vuichik – of the Catholic Church “Archangels Michael”.

Karin Dom Foundation’s initiative discussion club Café Societe is funded by the America for Bulgaria Foundation.

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