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Second international meeting of the partners of the ENABLIN PLUS project

30 September 2014

Karin Dom was host of The Second International Meeting of the ENABLIN+ Project Partners, September 25th – 27th, 2014. Present were representatives of 8 organizations from Belgium, Romania, Italy, Portugal, France and the Netherlands; the University of Antwerp, Belgium, is the leading partner for the project. Good practices of working with children and young people with intense and complex needs of support were shared during the meeting.

The participants from Bulgaria shared their good practice on the Early Intervention programme of Karin Dom Foundation. The Day Centre for Children with Disabilities in Svishtov, also shared their successful practice in working with children with special needs. The meeting included a visit at the Varna School for Visually Imapred Children “Dr. Ivan Shishmanov” as an example for a successful practice in the city of Varna.

Another key element of the meeting was the presentation of the results of a preliminary research of the needs of specialists who work with children and young people who have intensive and complex needs of support, and the needs of those children’s parents. The whole analysis of the research in all the countries will be summerized, published in all languages and presented at the next meeting in March 2015. As a result of the research, suitable trainings for parents and specialists who work with children and young people with intensive and complex needs of support, will be created.

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