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Support the Purchase of Equipment for Karin Dom’s New Building

14 June 2020

Dear friends,

In 2019, Karin Dom launched its long-standing dream – a project for the construction of a new building and officially announced the opening of an international architectural competition for its conceptual design, implemented in partnership with the Chamber of Architects and the Union of Architects in Bulgaria.

In early March, an international jury announced the winner of the competition – UNAS Studio.

UNAS Studio – Bilyana Asenova (Bulgaria) and Sasha Ciabatti (Italy) are a team based and working in Berlin, Germany, which also won the hearts of Karin Doms team with precision solutions, compact interior space and maximum green space among 174 project from 48 countries on 5 continents.

The planned construction of the new Karin Dom building is possible thanks to the Municipality of Varna, which provided the land and to the Danish Velux Foundations, which fund the construction of the new building. The plot has an area of 2450 m2, located in the extended central part of Varna, in the immediate vicinity of the ideal city center – between Doiran and Kiril Shivarov streets.

Despite the support that Karin Dom has, the funds will not be sufficient to finalize and purchase specialized equipment for the new therapeutic and training center.

Help us to make a big step forward not only for Varna but for the whole country! Support this project so that children with special needs have their new cozy home and the therapy they deserve! We aim to have in Bulgaria a modern, functional and innovative center for our special children, which we as a society deserve!


Bank account of Karin Dom Foundation in DSK Bank, IBAN: BG56STSA93001506068418, BIC: STSABGSF

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Through this long-term investment, Karin Dom aims to:

  • Create an early childhood development environment that supports more children and families;
  • Provide complex services for children with special needs and their families to support their successful inclusion;
  • Create a learning space for children, parents, students and professionals;
  • Set up a center for knowledge sharing and research;
  • Design a venue for events and campaigns.

Become an ambassador of goodness! Donate and share the cause of Karin Dom!

Karin Dom plans to make the first dig for the new building this year and finalize it for up to 3 years. We thank all our partners, donors and friends who have supported and helped to launch this exceptional project that will give new opportunities for therapy and development of special needs children from all over the country!


Строим новия терапевтичен и образователен комплекс във Варна

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