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Working with children with sensory deficits in the kindergarten

17 July 2013

On July 11 and 12 educators from kindergarten “Margaritka* – Varna” took a short training course led by the training team of Karin dom. The course is part of the “I want to be able” programme and the topic was “Working with children with sensory deficits in a kindergarten”.

On-site at kindergarten the participating teachers were introduced to the characteristics of the most common childhood conditions: ADHD, Autism and Down Syndrome. One of the participants shared the following reason for choosing a course on this topic:

My work is directly related to children with such conditions and that is why I felt that I needed a training.

The trainers from Karin dom presented the topic of sensory integration in multisensory environment. The teachers from the kindergarten received more information on how to structure the environment for children with special needs, how to communicate successfully in the structured environment and how to promote the sensory integration of the children at the kindergarten.

During the second part of the training the educators visited Karin Dom’s therapeutic center and received tips on how to build their own sensory room. The training ended with a visit to the Toy Library. After the end of the course the participants shared:

A training with a great structure, supported by practical work and observation. Very useful printed materials. Wealth of information and most of all – valuable practical advices!

* Margaritka = daisy

Строим новия терапевтичен и образователен комплекс във Варна

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