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Charity Concert of Specialized School for Commerce – Varna

25 May 2017

“With Hope for the Future” is a volunteering initiative of the students from Specialized School for Commerce “Georgi Sava Rakovski”, who, on May 17th held a Charity Spring concert. The youths and their teacher Mrs. Hristina Todorova were participants in Karin Dom’s project “Ambassadors of Good”, financed by “America for Bulgaria” Foundation. Participation and volunteering projects is a very useful and also a very fun experience – this what the students proved by organizing a wonderful program for all guests of the event.
The cause – the therapy of the children at Karin Dom united the students and their friends, filling the hall of Youth Center “Orbita”. In the concert also took part solo performances and special guests were Dance Club “Amor” and folk dance formation “RODINA” with NCH “Otets Paysii”.

For the volunteers who became part of the project, this was an opportunity for realizing their ideas, to make friends, to learn team work and to develop their leadership skills. The gain experience will be useful to the youths in the future, it will show them how to develop qualities such as responsibility and social skills. We were hoping that they will continue to search and make their causes reality, and that, in the future they will remain “Ambassadors of Good.”

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