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Training Invitation: Good practices for working with children from the Autistic spectrum and their families

14 June 2016

Karin Dom has the pleasure of inviting you to an open training on the topic of:

Good Practices for Working with Children from the Autistic Spectrum and Their Families. Innovations in Family-Mediated Interventions.


Kathy Hislop – Early Intervention consultant with the University of Oregon, Eugene, USA, specializing in working with children with autism and their families.

Zvezdelina Atanasova – special teacher and speech therapist, head of Professional Training Center with Karin Dom Foundation.

Nikoleta Yoncheva – special teacher and speech therapist at Karin Dom Foundation

The course is interactive and includes lectures, demonstration, practical part and different cases. The family –mediated intervention will be introduced as well as its structure variations, choice of children and families, specific work strategies.

Course goals:

  • gathering knowledge on some peculiarities in the work with children from the autistic spectrum in group environment
  • the point and advantages of the family-centered approach
  • getting acquainted with various work strategies for working with parents and their active inclusion in the therapy of the children
  • new options for applying family-mediated intervention
  • ideas for group therapy for children and parents with different conditions
  • new ideas for the specialist’s place in the therapy of the children

All specialists who work with children with special needs can take part in the course.

Participation fee: 200 BGN

The fee includes a package of training materials, translations and coffee breaks. The participants arrange their own travelling and stay expenses.

The fee can be transferred to:

“Karin Dom” Foundation



Swift code: TTBBBG22

Participants who complete the course will receive a certificate.

Schedule: 30.06.2016 (Thursday) 9.00 – 16.00

01.07.2016 (Friday) 9.00 – 16.00

The participants can send brief information about the work of the organization or institution they are working at and cases they would wish to discuss.

Registration is now closed

For more information:

Tel. 052/302 517, 0878 750 269 Magdalena Tsoneva,

We are expecting you!

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