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Visits of Specialists from Karin Dom in Beloslav Municipality Continue

19 December 2022

Karin Dom continues its activities with children and families in the municipality of Beloslav under the “Karin Dom on Wheels” project, financed by the Karl Kahane Foundation. The monthly visits covered the town of Beloslav, the villages of Strashimirovo and Ezerovo. Every parent with questions about the development of their children has the opportunity to benefit from a consultation with a psychologist, speech therapist, rehabilitator. The aim of the project is to raise awareness about early childhood development and to provide expert advice and guidance to parents who have any concerns.

In 2023, visits to other municipalities in the Varna region are also planned. Consultations and groups for children, as well as meetings with specialists and parents, are planned. The activities depend on the needs and requests of the settlements.

Special thanks to the Municipality of Beloslav, Eng. Svetla Koleva – Deputy Mayor in charge of “Education, social activities, health care, home social patronage, school cafeteria” and expert Hristina Yanakieva for their assistance in carrying out the activities of Karin Dom.

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