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Fun Quilling Workshop at Karin Dom

25 April 2017

What is quilling design? Quilling is the use of paper ribbons that are being wrapped around a special instrument and formed in a different manner, creating original decorations. The most important thing in quilling is patience and focus. Quilling is a technique that, in time, was acknowledged as a form of art and today, quilling fans who create various and inspiring works, become more and more.

Our young friends – Diana Dobreva, Victoria Tomova, Nikoleta Yordanova, Maria Stoyanova. Natalie Barbazova, Desislava Beleva, showed us how fun and interesting this art is. The children at Karin Dom had fun with their new friends who demonstrated their skills and imagination.

The youths who are students of different schools in Varna, gave joint effort in the mutual initiative on Karin Dom’s project “Ambassadors of Goodness”.

On the International Youth Solidarity Day – April 24th, the students held a quilling workshop for quilling figures and showed the children at Karin Dom how to make different paper figures. Quilling itself develops the sense for color, forms and provoking fantasy. Quilling is good for motor development of hands and more specifically fingers, recognizing geometrical figures – circle, square, triangle.


This art form also gives blind people the opportunity to grow through the activity. The youths are planning to visit the Union of the Blind to demonstrate the quilling technique and offer their skills.

Quilling is suitable and useful for the development of all senses. In addition, this is also fun activity that develops the children’s imagination. Together with the volunteers, the children at Karin Dom made their own figures and had fun.

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