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Cafe Societe Club – second meeting in Varna

29 November 2011

Donations for culture – present or just past, conversation with Yuri Dachev

On 28th of November 2011 in Varna guest of Karin Dom’s discussion club Cafe Societe was Yuri Dachev – playwright, screenwriter, lecturer at the The National Academy for Theatre & Film Arts, critic, journalist, author of more than 2,000 publications in the field of theater. His dramatic texts have received more than 60 theatrical realizations. They have been translated and published in English, German, Hungarian, Russian, French, Polish, Finnish, Macedonian languages. During the period 2007-2009 author of “Tapes and documents”, tv programme dedicated to the Bulgarian documentary cinema.

Yuri Dachev brought the attention of the participants in the discussion to the topic of philanthropy in culture. An example from the past that arouses admiration is the restoration after a fire of the building of The National Theatre in Sofia with means and resources gathered by the empathetic citizens: “people were crying seeing the burnt down building and were helping the way they could – the glazier brought window glasses, the craftsman – window-frames, others donated money.. and that was in 1920.” Another example of civic initiative is the funds raising that made the beginning of the construction of the Varna Theatre possible.  

In the anonymous questionnaires completed by the participants in the meeting there were comments like: “Thank you for the wonderful thoughts!”, “Wishing you the meetings to be always that inspiring!”, “Every event that aims for change in the attitudes in society itself is charity, created by infinite love!”

The next meeting will take place on 15th of December when guest of the Cafe Societe Club will be Vanuhi Arakelyan – Chairman of the Regional Court – Varna.

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