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A good start for every child

21 January 2013

On the occasion of the Day of Maternity Help, Karin Dom Foundation and Colorful Future Association presented certificates to their Early Intervention Programme partners – the neonatology units in St. Anna and Prof. Dr. Dimitar Stamatov hospitals in Varna.

The certificates were issued for applying good breastfeeding practices, for ensuring early emotional connection between infant and her family, as well as for the cooperation towards prevention of abandonment of babies born with disabilities.

Maternity and neonatology hospitals play an essential role in the good start of each child’s life. Early Intervention Programme (in partnership with Varna Municipality and Child Protection Department in Varna) provides extra support to the families of children aged 0 to 4 by helping successful breastfeeding, overcoming challenges in child development and supporting parents in everyday care for their children. The Programme is free of charge and served by a mobile team of professionals who make visits to maternity hospitals and child’s home. Other services are also available at Karin Dom Centre – parent support groups, playgroups, toy library.

A success resulting from the partnership in Early Intervention Programme is the fact that not a single child born in 2012 in St. Anna hospital was abandoned in an institution. A significant contribution to that is the early breastfeeding support, the attitude of the staff at the neonatology unit and the good cooperation with Karin Dom Early Intervention team. The number of babies born at Prof. Dr. Dimitar Stamatov Hospital is significantly bigger. About 12% of them are premature and being at risk of developmental delay. Thus, there are more challenges in prevention of abandonment, and apart from the social workers, the hospital staff receives support from Karin Dom psychologists.

On behalf of the families and children Karin Dom would like to thank their partners in Early Intervention programme for the good start in life, provided with lots of affection and support, in a way that each child deserves!

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