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The team of Bilyana Asenova and Sasha Ciabatti will design the new Karin Dom building

25 March 2020

Dear parents, partners and friends,

we present to you the architects who unanimously won a jury vote a few days ago with their architectural solutions for the new Karin Dom building among 174 projects from 48 countries on 5 continents. These are the young and very talented Bilyana Asenova (Bulgaria) and Sasha Ciabatti (Italy) – a team based and working in Berlin, Germany. They won the hearts of Karin Dom’s team with precision solutions, compact interior space and maximum green space.

Bilyana Asenova was born in Sofia in 1989. She studied at New Bulgarian university and then continued her education at DIA – Dessau International Architecture Graduate School, Germany. She works mainly on projects in the educational and housing sectors, in various architectural offices in Berlin. Here are some of the designed sites:

– Erasmus School in Offenbach, technical phase, with Kersten Kopp Architekten, 2019

– Waldorf Campus Berlin – Technical and Working Phase, with Kersten Kopp Architekten, 2018-2019

– Leipzig School Campus Competition, 1st Prize, with Kersten Kopp Architekten, 2018

– Modular kindergartens in Berlin, technical phase, with Kersten Kopp Architekten, 2018

– Contest for a mixed-use urban project in Cologne – Deutzer Hafen, with Lorenzen Mayer Architekten, 2017

– Competition for a mixed-use urban project in Cologne – Mülheim, with LIN-A, 2016

– Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Building Competition in Berlin, with Bundschuh Architekten, 2016

Sasha Ciabatti was born in Trieste in 1988. He completed his master’s degree at DIA – Dessau International Architecture Graduate School, Germany in 2015. Since then, he has worked in various offices in Berlin on projects with residential, office and educational functions in the conceptual, technical and working phases. Some of the designed sites are:

– Iceberg Office Building, Berlin, technical phase, with RW + Architekten, 2019

– Special Prize, Biotechnology Campus Competition, Hennigsdorf, with KKLF Architekten, 2019

– 3rd place, Competition for DESY Laboratories, Zeuthen, with KKLF Architekten, 2019

– Special Award, Competition for Charité Laboratories, Berlin, with KKLF Architekten, 2018

– EFEU Weg School Campus, Berlin, technical phase, with KKLF Architekten, 2018

– 2nd Place, Osnabrück Judicial Court Competition, with Martin Schmitt Architektur, 2017

– Haus Loch Residential, Potsdam, technical phase, with Martin Schmitt Architektur, 2017

– Interior of the Nagel Draxler Gallery, Berlin, Technical and Work Phase, with Bundschuh Architekten, 2016

Sasha Ciabatti and Bilyana Asenova started working together in 2015 after completing their education. In 2019 they open UNAS studio, which name comes from the Bulgarian “in our country or at home”. At the heart of their work is the desire for simple, poetic and meaningful architecture.

Each of their projects seeks to unfold a story and engage with its users and the city. They have the following awards:

– 1st place competition, TWIN, Sky Hill Summer School Pavilion, Delucelorui, Romania, 2017 realization

– Special Award competition, Habitable Walls, Preliminary Design for Classroom, Sofia, 2017

– Special Prize, City Factory, preliminary design, Berlin, Germany, 2016

– Special Award, TTT Office Building for the Perry Foundation, Makhachkala, Russia, 2016

– 1st place competition, House of Simple Pleasures, temporary installation, Munich, realization 2015

– 1st place competition, White extension, temporary installation, San Cataldo, Italy, 2015 realization

Karin Dom’s plans are to make the first dig of the new building this year and to construct it for up to 3 years. Despite the support that Karin Dom has, the funds will not be sufficient to finalize and purchase specialized equipment for the new therapeutic and training center.

Support this project and donate to the purchase of equipment for the new Karin Dom building.

Why support us?

  • To make a big dream come true for children, parents and therapists,
  • To take a big step forward for the whole society,
  • So that children with special needs have a modern and functional therapeutic center,
  • So that we can support more children in Bulgaria.

Because we can and know how to achieve all this!


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