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Campaign in Support of Ukrainian Refugees

28 February 2022

Dear friends,

In recent days we have been shaken by what is happening in Ukraine. We are witnessing a humanitarian crisis and a huge human tragedy. According to UNICEF, the escalating conflict in Ukraine poses an immediate and growing threat to the lives and well-being of 7.5 million children in the country. As an organization that protects the rights of children, our team cannot ignore what is happening.

Karin Dom announces its support and empathy through a campaign to gather the most necessary items to meet the needs of those arriving in Varna.

Here’s what is most needed right now:

  • diapers;
  • baby formula, porridges, purees;
  • bottled water;
  • wet wipes;
  • winter jackets for women and children;
  • blankets

If you want to support the initiative, you can bring products and consumables from the list until the end of the week (March 4, 2022), every weekday from 08:30 to 16:00 in Karin Dom (parents’ club). Donations will be provided regularly to the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Varna.

Karin Dom will continue its support for children by offering opportunities for outdoor activities for children in the garden and in the Toy Library, which is located in Karin Dom. We remain open to the needs of families with children with special needs and difficulties with free one-time consultations for children, refugees from Ukraine.

Through the Mobile Karin Home, our specialists will be able to provide on-site support if there are children with special needs to advise and support parents.

Get involved and share the campaign to welcome the women and children arriving in Varna with support and hope.


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