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A Successful Launch of Activities for Ukrainian Children and Psychological Support for Parents on Site

22 June 2022

After a series of information and coordination meetings with representatives of various organizations supporting families fleeing the war in Ukraine, as well as meetings with representatives of hotels in the Varna region, we successfully launched our project activities for support of children and families from Ukraine for overcoming the war trauma.

Our teams of specialists visited children and families accommodated in Rositsa Hotel in Constantine and Elena Resort and in Warsaw Hotel in Golden Sands Resort in several consecutive days. They provided them with various activities and workshops. On the first day we started with more than 12 children, for whom our team had prepared art classes led by art therapist Iliana Dimitrova and assisted by Boryana Yaneva, a social worker – a time for the children to draw, color and create together.

Sofia Trendafilova, a speech therapist at Karin Dom, facilitated outdoor activities from our “Toy Library” – the toys were selected based on high safety standards, as well as their contribution in five separate areas: cognitive, orientation, socio-emotional area and communication. Each toy in the Toy Library has a reference card that offers information and suggestions for play.

Teodora Dimitrova, a physiotherapist, and Detelina Georgieva, a rehabilitator, had prepared various games for movement, balance and coordination, as well as competitive games. More than 10 children took part and had fun with activities related to modeling, application and drawing, carefully prepared by Veselina Tincheva, art therapist and social worker at Karin Dom.

Virginia Vasileva and Elena Todorova, psychologists and psychotherapists at Karin Dom, provided valuable support to Ukrainian mothers through individual psychological consultations. They were able to give them advice and guidance on specific topics and issues that concern them.

During the hotel visits, our specialists provided training for parents on topics such as How to support our children to develop cognitive skills during art classes? and How to support the development of your child during play?

We believe that through these activities we will provide much needed support to these children and their families to face the challenges presented by the war in Ukraine.

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