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Turing Words into Action: Enabling the Rights and Inclusion of Children with Intellectual Disabilities in Europe

Aim of this project: to improve the life chances, inclusion, access to rights and social participation of children with an intellectual disability in Europe. To ensure that all children and young people with intellectual disabilities become fully participating and included members of their communities with genuinely equal opportunities to their peers and support proportional to their needs.

Lead organization – Lumos foundation – London, UK

Project partner – Karin Dom foundation – Varna, BG

Project countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic & Serbia.

Two strands of project activities will operate concurrently: National Action and Child Participation.

National ActionThrough a series of three local meetings in each project country and two transnational meetings, each country will be supported to develop a National Action Plan (NAP) for the social protection and social inclusion for children with intellectual disabilities in national policy priorities.

Child ParticipationA group of children with intellectual disabilities, both from residential institutions and family homes, will come together for a series of activities throughout the project. These activities will include consultation on the NAPs as well as events aimed at increasing the visibility and understanding of disability in local communities.

Implementation period

January 2011 - July 2012

Financed by

The European Commission