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Montessori seminar at Karin Dom

18 May 2012

On May 19 at Karin Dom was completed a three-day long seminar on the Montessori method.

Lecturer was Feodora Stancioff – cofounder and directress of the International Montessori School in Toulouse, France. She gives talks and workshops on Montessori at French teachers’ training centres. She first started introducing the Montessori philosophy at Karin Dom in 2000 where she has continued training the team ever since. She herself did her teachers’ training 3/6 at the London A.M.I centre in 1991.

Feodora Stancioff presented various topics – Тhe Intelligence of the Child, The Process of Learning, The Role of the Directress, Observation: The Key. Workshops were also part of the seminar – they were held in Montessori prepared environment. Feodora Stanchov demonstrated the usage of certain Montessori materials. The materials should be presented to the child in a way that will make him/her want to use them on his/her own.

The participants in the seminar were from all across the country – specialist who work in Montessori centers, day care centers or centers for social rehabilitation and integration.

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