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Third meeting of the partner organizations of the Trusting in Children and Family Programme

14 October 2014

A third work meeting was held in Stara Zagora for the organizations, supported by the Tulip Foundation and Oak Foundation, for realizing of projects orientated towards prevention of the institutionalizing of children. As part of the programme, Karin Dom works on the “The Family-Centred Approach: an instrument for the prevention of institutionalisation of children with disabilities” project.

The participants from Karin Dom were Apostol Apostolov, PhD, project manager and Vesselina Tincheva – activity manager. The meeting’s programme included presentations on the subjects of “Positive parenting”, “Early childhood development in high risk communities – methods, practice, challenges”, “Assessing the effect of the projects and the programme”. The discussion on the topic of “Support for an independent life or social services” was of great interest for the participants. During the meeting, the participants had the chance to visit “The Community Support Centre”, managed by the Samaritans Association, who were hosting the meeting. Representatives from Stara Zaogra Мunicipality also took part in the meeting, introducing the participants to the good partnership practices they have with the Municipality and the NGO sector.

Tulip Foundation had also a presentation at the national “Being a Father” campaign. The campaign’s purpose is to stress on the important role of the father in the family and to encourage the male participation in the care and upbringing of the child in both family and general environment. Karin Dom Foundation is joining the campaign as an associate partner and will take part in it by organizing an initiative on the occasion of “Father’s Week” between 17 and 21 November. You can find more information on the campaign here:

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