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Training services on request

Those training sessions are customized to the individual requirements of each client. You can contact us and make a request for a training, supervision or consultation on a specific topic, and we will assess your needs and design a training program – with an emphasis on the practical benefits for you.

Training topics

We have selected and prepared 33 interesting topics related to therapeutic and social work with children with special needs and their families.

You can choose from our list or request another topic, according to your wishes.

List of topics (only in Bulgarian) – open/download here

How we conduct a training

Before each training – we assess your training needs and together with you determine your goals and expectations. Then we make an assessment of the environment and establish the individual competences and needs of the team. The initial assessment can be conducted in the way you prefer: by phone; online by filling a form or by email; conference call; in person.

During the training – we combine theory with practice. Our approach is interactive, we use picture and video materials, as well as case studies from your work. You will practice what you have learned in order to transfer the theorethical knoledge more easily into your daily work with children and families.

We conduct practical sessions with the participants: work in small groups, discussions, observations, analysis of cases, role play and discussions of real cases from our work with children – those methods create conditions close to the real-life ones.

After the training – we assess your satisfaction, consult and track your progress through subsequent feedback.

Requests for information and training

Magdalena Tsoneva

Phone number: +359 52 30 25 17

E-mail: trainingcentre@karindom.org