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One Day Training for Students from New Bulgarian University at Karin Dom

24 November 2014

On November 20th, 29 students from New Bulgarian University, majoring in speech therapy, psychology and rehabilitation of speech pathology, visited Karin Dom for a one day training and to be introduced to the centre’s activities, as well as to the therapeutic methods and approaches for working with children with special needs used at Karin Dom. The group was formed and led by Professor Boyanova and Associate professor Stankova, who were also present at the training.

Here are some of the questions and answers of the analyzed feedback forms:

QUESTION: Will the information you received at the training be of use to you?
ANSWER ANALYSIS: The participants have assessed the received information as useful. The students will benefit from the practical sessions and exercice that have showed them important work tehniques for working with children with special needs.
STUDENT QUOTE: „I believe that in Karin Dom I can receive the kind of training that I could not find anywhere else in Bulgaria.“

QUESTION: Are you satisfied with the way the training was conducted?
ANSWER ANALYSIS: The students are happy with the way the training was led. They define the trainers as positive, helpful and competent. They enjoyed the game-like manner in which the training was conducted.
STUDENT QUOTE: „The approach was interesting, making the information easy for us to comprehend“;
„The things you showed us will be of great help for us in future. Thank you so much! I got so much information by visiting Karin Dom.“;
„The training was very pleasant, fun and extremely creative.“

QUESTION: Would you take part in another training, led by Karin Dom and on what subject?
ANSWER ANALYSIS: All of the students would gladly take part in trainings, led by Karin Dom on the subjects of: Early Intervention, Working with Children with Autism, Down Syndrome, Montessori, sensory strategies and more.

QUESTION: Do you have any comments or questions about the training that you would like to share with us?
„Thank you! This is a great place with great specialists!“;
„The seminar was exceptionally creative and I’m glad that you shared with us your materials, experience and enthusiasm for working with children.“;
„I would love to be your intern! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the wonderful training!“;
„The training in which I took part was quite short – you can not see all in one day, but it is a good start.“

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