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Training at Karin Dom of Teachers from Daily Kindergarten 16 “A. S. Pushkin”

28 January 2016

“Creating a supportive environment for children with special needs at mainstream kindergartens”, was the subject of the training at Karin Dom for teachers from Daily Kindergarten No 16 “A. S. Pushkin”.

On January 26th and 27th 2016, Karin Dom held a training with the teachers from Daily Kindergarten 16 “A. S. Pushkin”, on the project “Creating a Supportive Environment for Children with Special Needs at Mainstream Kindergartens”. The project is financed by the Program for Support of NGO by FM of EEA 2009-2014.

The training was led by specialists from Karin Dom – Nikoleta Yoncheva (speech therapist) and Virginia Milkova (psychologist).

The main topics of discussion with the teachers were:

  • For what sings the teachers need to be more observant – discussion of the basic fields in child development and the possible indications for difficulties that require special support.
  • What algorithm is used to deliver a difficult news to a parent, as well as giving feedback on the observed problem of the child in a trustful and adequate manner, so the information can reach the parent; how to build a good model of cooperation between parents and teachers.
  • What are the methods, techniques and means for building a supportive environment that will provide the maximum development of the child and will increase the effectiveness of the teachers.
  • What strategies for managing the problematic behavior in the children’s group, can the teachers use.

The training was oriented towards practice with discussion of cases from the teachers’ practice at their kindergarten. Models were suggested on supporting the communication with children who have a delay in their speack/language development.

The models, given for creating an inclusive environment are necessary for children with SEN but can be of use for all other children in the group. Their introduction will make it easier for the youngest ones to understand the rules and norms in the group, which helps their adaptation at the kindergarten and will support the success of the given tasks.

The teaching team at  “A. S. Pushkin”, shared that they received valuable guidance from our specialists, that are needed in the daily work with the children at the kindergarten. We are happy that our efforts were appreciated and that we have motivated partners on the road of inclusion of children with special needs!


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