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Karin Dom’s training programs approved by the Ministry of Education and Science

21 February 2017

Dear colleagues,

We have the pleasure to announce that the training team of Karin Dom has ISO 9001:2015 and is applying a management system in the field of increasing the qualification of special teachers in diagnostics, therapy, prevention and supervision in the field of psychology, child development and physiotherapy. Also, our training programs for increasing the qualification of special teachers have been approved by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science (MES) which is one more high acknowledgment and trust in the professionalism of Karin Dom’s training team.

Karin Dom’s “Training and Resource Center” offers trainings for specialist aimed at the educational system and children with special needs. The training team at Karin Dom includes professionals with practical experience in woking with children with special needs, in the field of special teaching, speech therapy, psychology, physiotherapy, early intervention, social work, management of social services. The team has regular trainings with specialists from Britain and the US in order to apply the most modern and effective therapeutic methods in Bulgaria.

Here are the specific subjects, included at the informational registry of MES:

  • Specifics in the Work with Children with Special Needs.
  • Training Program for Special Teachers and Assisting Staff at Kindergartens and Schools in the Work with Children with Special Needs.
  • Early Intervention – Why Intervene Early?
  • Creating of Supportive Educational Environment for Children and Students with Special Needs. Structure and Visualizing of the Environment
  • Alternative and Augmentative Methods, Means of Communication.
  • Strategies and Techniques for Managing Unacceptable Behavior.
  • Motor Development, Gymnastics for Children with Special Needs. Cerebral Palsy – Posture Effect, Positioning and Child Assisting.
  • Family-Mediated Intervention.

Karin Dom is a Licensed Center for Professional Training with NAVET with License №200912790.

The center for professional training with Karin Dom offers trainings for: Social Assistant, Assistant Carer and Social Services Associate, majoring in Social Work for children and families at risk and Social Work for children and adults with disabilities and chronic illness. The graduates will receive a Certificate for Profession or Certificate for Professional Qualification from MES.

We also have: open trainings on topics announced in advance, trainings by request, online courses, supervisions and methodical support for specialists, internships and teaching practices for students from different majors – physiotherapy, social work, psychology, speech therapy, special teaching and other. The students are introduced to the principles of work with children as well as the process of planning of modern methods and approaches for working with children with special needs in Karin Dom.

In 2016 more than 80 organizations trusted our professionalism and experience and the trainings included more than 1400 people. Founded more than 20 years ago, today Karin Dom Foundation has a leading role in providing professional services for children with special needs and qualification trainings for specialist in the field.

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