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Training of teachers from Svishtov Municipality

16 October 2013

On the 8th and the 9th of October, the training team of Karin Dom Foundation led a training for teachers and specialists from the kindergartens and schools in the Svishtov Municipality.

The training began with a visit at “Radost” kindergarten in Svishtov, where the trainers observed how the lessons with children with special educational needs are being conducted. The training then continued at the plenary hall of Svishtov Municipality. The experts compared and clarified the difference between “integrated education” and “inclusive education”.

The training programme put an emphasis on the work with children with special education needs at the general education kindergartens and schools. The teachers learned how to help the children by: organizing a supportive environment, establishing easier communication and stimulating the cognitive skills of the children. During the presentation, the members of Karin dom’s training team shared their experience through many examples from their own practice – in the form of photographs and visual material.

The pedagogues received educational materials with information on different diagnosis and conditions in children with special educational needs. Here’s a feedback from one of the teachers: 

“I have received answers to many of the questions that were of interest for me. From all the trainings I’ve taken, this is the best one so far!” 

On the 10th of October the training team held a supervision and a training for the Day Care Center for Children with Disabilities – Svishtov with head Temenuzhka Todorova. Our colleagues from the center in Svishtov recieved a positive feedback on their work and progress.

During the visit, the Karin Dom Foundation team had a meeting with the mayor of the town of Svishtov, Mr. Stanislav Blagov and gave an interview for the local media. 






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