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Long-term training program with good results at Special Boarding School – Kubrat

16 December 2014

This year marks 50 years from the opening of the Special School-Internat “Dr. Peter Beron” – town of Kubrat. A team of special pedagogues is responsible for the children’s training and education – teachers and educators, speech therapists, psychologist and physiotherapist.

Over the past 3 years, Karin Dom has conducted a series of trainings and professional supervisions for the school’s team with the purpose of improving the supporting environment for the children and building the specialists’ skills to apply new methods and approaches in their work with children with special needs. Under the guidance of the principal, Mr. Mihail Marinov, the administrative team has worked hard for innovating the school’s equipment in order to achieve European image.

Karin Dom’s trainers, Zvezdelina Atanasova and Andreas Andreou shared that after each training, the teachers become more confident in their work with children in the Montessori environment, in the soft therapeutic room, in the sensory room, the hall for gymnastics and active physiotherapy, and in structuring and visualization of the school environment.

The last training for 2014 went very well – it was on the topic of “Importance of social communication” and took place in the beginning of December, on eve of the school’s 50th anniversary.

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