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The Topic of Autism in Early Child Age Gathered Together Specialists for a Training Organized by MU – Varna and Karin Dom

28 April 2016

For a second consecutive year, the Medical University of Varna and Karin Dom Foundation organized together a training event, this year from April 22nd to April 24th 2016. The topic of the postgraduate training was “Characteristics of Autism. Diagnosis. Therapeutic Methods and Approaches in Child Age”.

The training gathered together specialists from the country who are growing professionally in the work with children with special needs and more precisely, children from the autistic spectrum. What was different from all other trainings on similar topics, was that medical professionals, child psychiatrists, neurologists, psychologists, special teachers, speech therapists, physiotherapists, exchanged experience with the participants, building a complete image of the ASD, thanks to their multidisciplinary expertise.

According to the participants, this course had made them feel enriched, positively charged and ready to try what they have learned in their practice. The lecturers managed to currate a useful discussion and answer their questions.

This course has become a tradition and is one of the first steps in the partnership between medical field and therapists, which gives the promise of a better future for children with special needs as a whole.

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