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Toy Library at Karin dom

The Toy Library in Karin dom was established in partnership with WWO – Worldwide Orphans Foundation – an international NGO that aims to transform the lives of orphans and vulnerable children by helping them to become productive members of their own community. WWO was founded in 1997 by renowned pediatrician Dr. Jane Aronson. WWO often partners with community organizations, to ensure the development of resources for children with special needs and provides strong support through trainings and education.

The WWO Toy Library in Karin Dom contains 166 toys

organized according to developmental ages and stages 0-3 years, 3-5 years and 5-7 years. The educationally based toys help enhance child development knowledge across 5 developmental domains including cognition, fine motor, gross motor, social-emotional areas and communication. Each toy in the library has its own reference card that offers additional information, game ideas and recommendations.

Play is an important part of people’s lives. The structured environment is a tool that can help children understand the world around them, work on their needs and improve their skills. Parents usually use their intuition when playing with their kids. However, parents of children with special needs could have some additional questions. The Toy Library could help parents choose toys and game activities, that support the unique abilities of the child.

Using the library is free for all interested parents and children

You can come visit every work day between 10am – 12am or between 2pm – 4pm. For more information, please contact us at 052/ 302 518

Parents should consider the following information:

Parents are the most important part of their children’s play. These litter creatures can be a whole miracle if parents just spend more time with them. Be patient with yourself and with your child. Even though some children are unable to express their interest in a given activity or to react in a typical way (smile/gesture) you will soon start to recognize the unique ways in which your kid responds and communicates. Do not worry that you might do something wrong, don’t think that you should strictly follow all of the recommendations given on the cards. It is enough to observe your child’s behavior and to spend some time together – in games and entertainment.

Implementation period

2013 - current

Financed by

WWO - Worldwide Orphans Foundation

Contact person

Veselina Vassileva
телефон: + 359 (0) 52 302 517