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Water Therapy for Children with Special Needs at Karin Dom

29 September 2023

Dear parents, thank you for your trust in Karin Dom!

The “Water Therapy for Children with Disabilities and Developmental Problems” program has enjoyed tremendous interest and extremely positive feedback. We continue to receive inquiries about inclusion and whether the program will continue next year. We hope that the great interest and proven benefits for children’s development will make water therapy among the annual social programs financed by the Municipality of Varna.

Our Water Therapy program includes 60 children who underwent a preliminary medical examination by a physical and rehabilitation medicine physician prior to being enrolled in the program. All children visit the pool with an individual work plan prepared by our specialist kinesitherapist – Teodora Lyutskanova. In the pool, swimming sessions take place with an individual specialist trained to work with children with special needs in an aquatic environment.

What do parents share?

Parents welcomed the program and the opportunity for their children to attend water therapy at Karin Dom. Many of them shared that they wish for sustainability and hope that the program will continue with even greater intensity next year. They shared that they are extremely satisfied with the individual approach of the coaches, as well as with the uplifting mood they provide.

“We were there on Monday with two young girls, and today with only one. WELL, THEY ARE UNIQUE!!! Extremely dedicated, kind, innovative and approachable. They work really willingly. In this soulless time, it is rare to find such young people who work with soul!” – mother of Ioan, 3 years old.

Children’s achievements

Parents share that the biggest achievements of their children after joining the program are: motor development, successful compliance with rules and execution of instructions, overcoming fear of water and stress in general.

The program is financed by the Municipality of Varna, Health Directorate

Photo: Gergana Encheva

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