Sveti Nikola

P.O.Box 104, Varna 9010



+359 52 302518

Therapy at the Center

The service is aimed at children with special needs and their families. At our therapeutic center, the child will be included in a suitable therapy and educational program. Parents also participate in this process through training, consultation, resources and support from our specialists.

Our team of experts consists of kinesiotherapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, psychologists, special educators, social workers and paediatricians. We work with children with physical, mental and multiple disabilities, with autism spectrum disorders, behavioral problems, learning difficulties.

Activites at the Center:

  • psychological and pedagogical work;
  • language and speech therapy, use of communication methods such as PECS, communicators, gestures;
  • therapeutic work with children with cerebral palsy, multiple disabilities and other neurological conditions;
  • therapy for children with autism spectrum disorders in a structured environment;
  • pedagogical work by the Montessori system;
  • program to build daily skills;
  • trampoline therapy;
  • swim therapy;
  • gymnastics groups;
  • individual and group sessions in multisensory environments;
  • play therapy;
  • art and music therapy;
  • preparation for integrated/inclusive education, consultations at schools and kindergartens;
  • intensive therapy for children from the country;
  • individual counseling for parents with a psychologist / psychotherapist;
  • social consultations for the famylies;
  • parent support groups;
  • thematic information meetings with parents.