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The Family-Centred Approach: an instrument for the prevention of institutionalisation of children with disabilities

General goal: Prevention of the institutionalization of children with disabilities.

The necessity of this project derives from the fact that the majority of children in institutions are children with disabilities who are placed there due to their parents’ inability to cope with their raising. It is very important for people in such situations to acquire skills for positive parenting, independent care and adequate communication with their children. That way the parents will feel useful, to the maximum, in the process of raising their children.

Specific goals:

Enhancing the capacity of parents for raising children with disabilities in home environment;

Enhancing the capacity of other organizations in Bulgaria for exercising the family-centered approach in the therapy and training of children with disabilities.

The project is directed towards:

  • children with disabilities who are in risk of institutionalization;
  • parents of children with disabilities;
  • specialists from other organizations in Bulgaria, who work with children with disabilities.

The project is being carried out with the support of “Tulip Foundation” and “Oak Foundation”.
The joint financial support of “Tulip Foundation” and “Oak Foundation” estimates on: 63,595 BGN.

Implementation period

February 2014 - January 2016

Financed by

Tulip Foundation and Oak Foundation

Contact person

Apostol Apostolov, PhD - project manager
телефон: + 359 (0) 52 302 517