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Thematic meeting for parents: Discrimination of children with special needs

18 July 2013

On July 18th Karin Dom held a meeting for parents on the topic of Discrimination against children with special educational needs. Preparation for and integration into the mainstream kinderkartens and schools.

Zhenislava Sapundjieva – social psychologist and Vesselina Tincheva – trainer social activities, provided information about some basic aspects of concepts such as: discrimination, stereotypes and tolerance. The specialists provided helpful insight on some of the major legal documents that protect the rights of children with special needs.

The focus of the presentation was on inclusive education, which refers to the educational system and its change so that all children feel equally accepted, valuable and important.

Parents whose children are integrated into mainstream kindergartens, shared their experiences and problems encountered in the integration process, and Karin Dom’s experts gave specific guidance to parents who are about to take this road soon.

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