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You are different, I am different and this difference enriches us

27 May 2014

”You are different, I am different and this difference enriches us.”

This is the motto of one of the biggest special schools in Britain – the Spring Common School for children with special needs between 3 and 19 years of age. The school has excellent attestations on the children’s progress in learning language and mathematics, applying what they have learned, which allows them to succeed in other fields. The British school shows us that every child has potential and by using effective educational methods, informational technology and different kinds of therapy, the said potential can be developed. 

The opportunity which Spring Common School offers the Karin Dom’s Centre For Children With Special Needs, by sharing its rich experience and expertise with the Bulgarian specialists, is exceptional. This is the third year of our partnership and it gives Karin Dom the chance to acquire and apply effective models of work and to extend them into trainings and seminars for parents and specialist. In 2013, Karin Dom, brought in Rebound therapy as innovative for Bulgaria method for working with children with special needs, after a visit at Spring Common School. 

The work visit of the Bulgarian specialists is carried out with the support of a project, financed by the Centre For Developing Human Resources, under the mobility program “Leonardo da Vinci”. 

The last visit at the British special school in May this year, enriched the practical experience and knowledge of the Karin Dom specialists, for applying sensory stimuli, alternative methods of communication and informational technologies, in teaching children with multiply disabilities and autism. Spring Common School will also present its experience and accomplishments in the filed of autism at this year’s International Autism Conference (May 30th – June 1st) that Karin Dom is holding in Varna. Guest lecturer will be Doctor Richard Gamman – educational psychologist and trainer, assistant director on the matters of autism.

The principles of success that both Spring Common School and Karin Dom share are: partnership with the parents, early intervention, trainings and exchange of specialists, as well as evaluating the effect of the methods in the work with children. 

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