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Spring Common School: sensory stimulation for children with multiple disabilities

14 June 2015

In the beginning of June, our guests were Nicky Weaver and Catriona Croft from Spring Common School, Cambridgeshire, UK. Karin Dom has been in a partnership with the school for several years, during which we have built a relationship of exchange of experience and training in the newest and most effective methods for working with children with special needs.

The two professionals who visited us and observed our work with the children, are specialists in the work with children with multiple disabilities. They pointed out the high level of care and attention that the Karin Dom professionals give to the children during the sessions.

Nicky and Cat praised our work in the communication group for children with multiple disabilities. According to the professionals from Spring Common School, “sensory stimulation is one of the most effective forms for working with children with multiple disabilities as well as children with ASD.”

The guests were highly impressed by our music therapy sessions that we have been practicing for the last few months. According to Catriona, the sessions were led by the child while the therapist was following the child’s rhythm and interests. It is proven that music has a positive influence on our nervous system and can have а calming effect. It’s especially effective in the work with children with special needs and it is recommended by the professionals in the field. Our music therapist is Tanya Atmadzhova who had her specialization in Germany, where she had worked with children and adults with special educational needs. You can also support music therapy at Karin Dom by buying materials such as djembe for the children or other material of your choice.

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