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Training more than 50 teachers and principals of Special schools from all over Bulgaria

5 February 2016

“This training was exactly what we needed, here and now. Thank you!“ – shared by teachers and principals from special schools in the country, after the training led by Karin Dom.

Karin Dom’s training team led a training for more than 50 teachers and principals from special schools in the country. The training was on the topic of “Innovative and Practical Application of Methods and Approaches for Working with Children with Special Needs”. It was realized under the project of THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS – “Modeling New Services for Children with Disabilities in Bulgaria”. Each participant received a certificate for their participation and a “Guide for Working with Special Needs Children”, developed and published by Karin Dom.

Karin Dom’s specialists Zvezdelina Atanasova – Director Professional Training, special teacher and speech therapist, Stefka Tsvetanova – trainer, clinical psychologist and Andreas Andreou – trainer, physiotherapist, presented:

  • Models of good practices in Europe;
  • Therapy practices with proven results used at Karin Dom. Emphasis was on working with children with autism, cerebral palsy, multiple disabilities, Down syndrome, mental delay and other conditions;
  • Applicable methods and approaches for working with special needs children. Main points were survey and assessment of the children’s level;
  • Specifics of communication, behavior, social interaction, motor skills and approaches in the work with children with special needs;
  • Results from the partnership between Karin Dom and some of the special schools in Bulgaria – sharing good practices;
  • Practical session in which the participants created by themselves different visual aids/symbol pictures, visual schedules, “first-last” tables and “prize” tables/.

We were very happy with the interest, showed by teachers and principals and with their active participation. The meeting was useful for them also because they managed to exchange information among one another, to share their experience along the challenging path to success, to learn about various cases, seeing them through the eyes of the therapists.

In recent years, Karin Dom held successive modular courses for the staff of some special schools among which SBS “Dr. Petar Beron” – Kubrat, SS “Dr.P.BERON”- Dobrich, SP “Stanata”- Novi Pazar, SBS “Asen Kiselinchev” – Dolni Dubnik and others. The trainings are being held both at the schools and at Karin Dom. Thanks to the trainings, there have been changes in the schools, related to the supportive environment, its visualization and structure, as well as the confidence of the teachers to search and use alternative means for communication and training, to adapt and use support means for facilitating the skills of the children.

Thanks to its “Training Center”, Karin Dom is offering trainings for specialists, related to the educational system and children with special needs. Karin Dom’s training team includes professionals with rich practical experience in the application of international acknowledged methods for working with children, professionals in the field of special pedagogy, speech therapy, psychology, physiotherapy, early intervention, social work, management of social services.

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