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Webinar “Sensory-motor Activities. Stimulating Children in Kindergarten, School or at Home ”- Training under an Approved Program of the Ministry of Education and Science

31 May 2021

On 13-14.05.2021 the specialists of Karin Dom, Zvezdelina Atanasova – special pedagogue and speech therapist, director of VET and Andreas Andreu – kinesitherapies trained the teams (18 people in total) from 4 centers for special educational support in Plovdiv, Pazardzhik, Vratsa and ” Lozenets ”- Sofia. During the training we shared our experience in sensory-motor activities and the need and benefits of them. We talked about the methods and approaches used during their implementation. We focused on the topics:

• Sensory-motor activities – structure, methods and approaches.
• Communication with the child during sensory-motor activities;
• Sensory stimulation through play at home or in kindergarten, school.
• Reasons for walking on toes and appropriate corrective exercises.
• Specifics in stimulating the development of children with autism spectrum through movement, elements of sports and exercise.
• Tips for building children’s own experience and functional skills and how to share effectively with parents.
• Sensory-motor activities and their place in inclusive education – opportunities and challenges.
• How and with what to equip a hall or space for sensory-motor activities.
• Adaptation and support of children and families based on careful monitoring.

Within the project we will continue to provide training to Centers for special educational needs, as our valuable partners, who provide specialized additional support in the process of inclusion of children with special needs.
They are an alternative, for training students with special needs in the country.

The training is realized within a project
“Transfer of practices to improve support for children with special needs and their families for inclusive education ” financed by the Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria.

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