» Invitation: Open seminar – Why did I chose Montessori for my children

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Invitation: Open seminar – Why did I chose Montessori for my children

19 January 2015

We have the pleasure to invite you to an Open Seminar on the topic of: Why did I choose Montessori for my children?

Date: February 7th (Saturday), from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM and second session from 14:00 AM to 16:00 AM, for those who can’t visit the first session.

Host: Gabriela Christova, certified Montessori teacher.

The seminar is free.

Location: Karin Dom Centre – behind Picadilly Park at Varna’s beautiful Sea Garden

For registration: Call +359 878 750 269 or write to mtsoneva@karindom.org.

Welcome are all parents who are interested in the Montessori method, its influence on the children’s development, their independence, creativity and self-confidence, with what the Montessori materials are different and where you can sign your child for the Montessori Club. You will have the opportunity to get professional answers to your questions as well as to meet parents who have similar understandings about the upbringing of their children.


As Freud himself had said: “If everyone had your (Montessori) schools, they wouldn’t need me!”

This acknowledgment for the Montessori method is not by chance. More than 100 years, the Montessori method communicates with the depths and secrets of childhood, in order to know the child and to encourage us, the adults, to support the child’s choices.

Maria Montessori, herself, believed that children are our teachers. She compared their order to the order of the Universe, in which everyone has time and place. She developed a method in which every child, in a natural way, can discover his or her best talent, calling and to spread his or her potential, because there is no such person, born on this planet without at least one talent. In her school, there were no rewards or punishments as to uplift or humiliate children. It was an atmosphere, free of criticism, ridicule and teacher dictation. Montessori believed that effective teaching must not judge the child, must not discourage it but on the contrary, to give the child energy and passion. She learned that for children, the sense of self dignity is important. Montessori believed that by granting freedom to the children, we are grating them trust. This is the way of raising confident, free people.

The Montessori method requires more attention, observation and focus, which means more responsibility and care, but not by imposing some kind of values and models for behavior, but by tolerance for the difference of every child, tolerance for its natural striving for freedom and care by not intervening in the child’s choices, only in direction of improving the conditions and safety of the most suitable environment for the child. The role of parent and teacher is to carefully observe and, if possible, to improve the teaching environment, according to the needs of the observed child.

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