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Family-centred approach in Early Intervention

The project has the purpose to build on its Early Intervention Program (started since December 2010) as community-based system of care through strengthening the capacity of our team; implementing a pilot model for the service “Playgroups” and development of early intervention package of documents for parents and specialists.

The impact is on the development of community-based services that encourage the families to perceive the importance of their role with regard to their children and provide them with tools to facilitate this role. Thus the early intervention services help parents to maintain loving relationships with their children and reduce the risk of abandonment of children with special needs.

Project activities:

  • Training in the new service Playgroup and for supervision of Karin Dom specialists
  • “Playgroup” – planning, development, and implementation of a pilot model for the “Playgroup” service as part of the Early Intervention Program.
  • Building on the family support network (part of the Early Intervention Program) – empowering the parents and creating a community of parents – leaders.
  • Development of an Early Intervention Package of documents.- training and educational materials, forms, questionnaires, guiding materials, and information papers for parents concerning the early intervention and playgroups.
  • Raising public-awareness activities

Implementation period

April 2011 - March 2012

Financed by

Open Society Foundation - Mental Health Initiative