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We draw cards with children for the Christmas campaign of Karin Dom

18 October 2018

Dear friends,

For many years Karin Dom has been conducting a charity campaign for selling Christmas cards and calendars. The children in Karin Dom are happy to be part of this creative challenge and are particularly happy when a real artist who can paint with them can recreate together the pleasant Christmas emotions and snow-covered forests. Christmas is a favourite holiday for the children, so the theme pleased them a lot and made them dream about the desired Christmas gifts.

Our guest was Miroslava Mileva, who apart from painting from a little girl and graduating “Fashion and Management”, but also managed to draw the staircase in Karin Dom with a fresh mood. Also, the young lady works as a manager of The Social Teahouse in Varna, where she uses her artistic skills for arranging teas, drawing on transformer stations, branding glasses and making cards.

The magic of working together has worked and already the first Christmas 2018 Christmas Eve Card – “White Magic” is fact. See how the magic of the pictures we made from this creative morning in the Karin House took place.

We sincerely thank our guest – Miroslava Mileva and the children from Montessori Group and Montessori House, who joined with a lot of mood.

Expect the details of the campaign very soon and how you can buy from the Christmas cards and calendars for 2019 of Karin Dom. All funds from the sale of cards and calendars support the therapy of children in Karin Dom.

Photos: Karin Dom

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