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Results from our Martenitzi Campaign 2017

22 March 2017

Dear friends,

We are happy to share with you the results of Karin Dom’s “Martenitzi Campaign 2017” and to thank little and grown friends who, for one more year, made colorful martenitzi for the campaign! This year as well we got support from kindergartens, schools, day centers, community centers, yoga clubs, art centers as well as Karin Dom’s friends from all over the country. The children at Karin Dom, together with the team took part with great enthusiasm and created wonderful martenitzi.

The funds we managed to raise together are 7002 BGN.

The martenitzi were sold at charity bazars among the employees of several companies: SG Expressbank, Taxback Group, Cargill Bulgaria. For the first time, at the organized bazar were present Maritime High School “Saint Nikolay Miraculous” – Varna and the Modus hotel made their guests happy with the martenitzi on March 1st. Again, through Karin Dom’s good friends Nadka Guneva and Rumi Gusheva, the martenitzi went out the borders of Bulgaria and were sold at charity bazars in Belgium. Another part of them were bought by companies and their employees. We want to thank the volunteers who gave their time and enthusiasm in the sales of the martenitzi at the bazars in Varna – Nedka Stancheva and Gabirela Christova! Thank you, girls!

The funds, raised from the campaign will be used to buy materials and equipment, suitable for stimulating the vestibular senses of children with sensory deficiency. The vestibular capacity of those children are decreased and often can be observed the lack of sensory motor experience that leads to disruption in space orientation, defining own limits in space and other. This also disrupts and decreases the quality of life of the children and their functioning possibilities.

The equipment will help the therapy of children from the autistic spectrum, with complex disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, hyperactivity, attention deficiency and other.

To all who took part in this year’s noble cause of Karin Dom and supported it, thank you! We are happy that our mission – improving the quality of life and giving equal opportunities for the development of the children with special needs is known and supported by both children and adults with big hearts from all over the country!

Thank you, friends of Karin Dom that you are always there and that you support us with great enthusiasm and wonderful organization!

– Karin Dom’s  Team

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