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2021 Christmas Card Competition Results

14 October 2021

For many years, Karin Dom has been conducting a charity campaign with the sale of Christmas cards and calendars with the help of artists, designers, and artists. In the spirit of continuity, this year for the first time we also organized a national competition for children’s Christmas cards, in which children from all over the country had the opportunity to participate. Like fluffy snow, they fell into our mailbox, traveling the entire distance from a child’s imagination, onto sheets of paper, and all the way to Karin’s home.

We received fabulous drawings from children aged 5-10, from kindergartens, family-type accommodation centers, primary schools and toddlers from all over the country. The children at Karin Dom, who attend a Montessori house, also happily participated in this creative challenge both out of personal interest and as part of the art therapy activity supporting development and fine motor skills.

“Children’s self-expression is constantly stimulated in the Montessori classroom. One of the ways in which the building and improvement of this skill is supported is children’s creativity. This can be creativity through drawing, application with natural and other materials, working with clay, making collages, working with wool and yarn, etc. With such activities, the skills of concentration, visual-motor coordination, spatial orientation are trained and fine motor skills are developed. In Montessori pedagogy, one of the concepts is related to the handling of the hands and their connection to the development of the brain. When they create, children make their own decisions, make choices and feel more confident in their own abilities.” – Svetla Todorova, teacher at Montessori house, Karin dom –

We can’t help but share with you the touching story of Micho from the village of Topoli. Here is his letter that accompanied his drawing and is a kind of proof that with a little help, anything is possible.

But like every contest, this one has its end. The assessment, in addition to being exciting, was also extremely difficult. Part of the team of Karin Dom and Steli Chakarova, a graphic designer and artist, participated in the selection of the winning proposal, which we invited to join the difficult task of the jury. And since we couldn’t settle on just one best card, the winners of the Karin Dom Christmas card contest are as many as 6:

  • Maria Stoyanova, 5 years old, from the city of Varna – Card name: Snow joy
  • Boris Vasilev, 7 years old from the city of Varna – Card name: “Christmas at home”
  • Misho Asenov, 10, Topoli village – Card name: “Pine forest”, finger drawing
  • Kristiyan Stoyanchev, 8 years old. from the city of Burgas – Card name: “Snow games”
  • Plamena Ivanova, 6 years old from Vratsa – Name of the card: “With best wishes for health”
  • Kamelia Orlinova, 10 years old. from the town of Popovo – Name of the card: “Christmas dreams”

As a memory of their noble gesture, they will receive 10 printed cards for their loved ones, a special diploma and a surprise prize.

To everyone else, a big thank you for sharing your talents with us and showing us Christmas through their eyes.

In addition to the drawing of the winning children, several more cards will be printed, specially made by popular artists who are also behind the cause and will draw a special work for this year’s series of cards.

All cards and the upcoming calendar from the Christmas campaign can be found in our online store, available for pre-order, and delivery will take place after November 1.

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