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Trip to Aladja Monastery

26 June 2017

On June 23rd 2017, the children at Karin Dom, their parents and therapists visited the most famous Medieval rock monastery on the Bulgarian Seacoast – Aladja Monastery.

The children learned of the interesting history of this Christian monument, they got to feel the atmosphere of the monk cloister where a rich spiritual life was lived in the period of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. The children also learned that the Christian name of the monastery is unknown and the name “aladja” is of Persian or Arabic decent and means “colorful” due to the writings on the walls of the cave monastery.

We want to thank for the invitation and the wonderful memory that this visit will leave us with. Our thanks goes to our gracious host – the curator of the monastery, Mr. Valery Kinov and our guide Natalia Eneva! We thank you for the opportunity to show the children the unique cultural heritage and the rich history of Aladja Monastery.


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