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Development of Early Intervention Service for Children with Special Needs in Local Communities

This project aims to support the development of Early Intervention service by 10 non-governmental organizations in Bulgaria through trainings, expert advice and promotion activities. Trained early intervention consultants help families to learn about child development and disabling condition and to be able to perform positive interventions for their own children. In this social model the service is provided at home. It also includes setting up of mobile team of professionals who help the consultant with assessments and deliver supportive services to families of children at risk/with disability.

Target group are local communities represented by 10 NGOs from the whole country, working with children with developmental delay/disability who are to develop early intervention service.

Service is oriented towards children with developmental delay/disability aged 0 to 4 and their families.

Planed activities:

  • Training of 20 specialists from NGOs for delivering early intervention service performed by Karin Dom trainers. Publishing and distribution of Manual for early intervention service. Consequent cascade trainings in which trained NGO representatives will prepare and train early intervention teams in their local communities. Early intervention team consists of early intervention consultant/s and mobile team of professionals.
  • Start of early intervention service in local communities: each NGO develops a plan for starting the service, and it is delivered in 10 local communities for the period of 11 months.
  • Popularizing and promoting early intervention service through organizing round tables/non-formal meetings, closing conference at Karin Dom, publishing and distribution of leaflets and posters.

Implementation period

September 2010 - March 2012

Financed by

Tulip Foundation