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Questionnaire for parents and professionals

3 July 2014

Dear colleagues and parents,

Karin Dom’s team is currently working in partnership with eight European organizations involved with children and youth with complex and intense support needs (CISN).

We ask you to share your experiences and take 15 minutes of your time to fill out the online questionnaire below. Your feedback will help investigate the needs and gather examples of good practices in this specific area.

Please note that the questionnaires are in Bulgarian

To the online questionnaire for parents – here.


The next step will be to develop a set of practical trainings where professionals and parents from all backgrounds and experience will learn together. The results will be disseminated in newsletters, professional articles, a white paper and a DVD.

We hope that together we can support the process of social inclusion and improve the quality of life of children with intensive and complex support needs.

Thank you in advance,
Karin dom’s team 

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